D Butterfly Effect

10:57 AM
How SIGNIFICANT is my life??

Do i make a DIFFERENCE??


It reveals the secret of how you can live a life of permanent purpose
and permanent purpose begins when you know that

When one lives a life of permanent purpose..
team chemistry thrives,
and life decisions become wiser and more cautious..

as a leader, manager or co-worker,
as a parent, spouse or FRIEND.

When we understand that every action matters..
Every result of our actions immediately improves..
and deciding to do SOMETHING
will make all the DIFFERENCE!

How far FORWARD would need to go in YOUR LIFE
to show the difference you MAKE??

There are generations yet unborn
who very live will be SHIFTED and SHAPED
by the move you make and the action you take TODAY
and the NEXT DAY

You have been created as one of a kind..
there has never been one like you..
and never will be again.

Your spirit, thoughts and feelings,
your ability to reason and act
all exist in no one else.

You have been created
in order that you might make a difference

YOUR actions have value far greater than silver or gold

Your life matters

and what you do with it TODAY
MATTERS forever



Nat Cure said...

I used to read a lot about the butterfly effect, a theory developed from a phrase in a novel..
(and films of the same name)
The absence of a flap of butterfly wings in the air may causes a disastrous tornado in the future..
(which means that what we did today affects our own future.)

llsnll said...

yezza..wut v did 2day, matters 4rever..thus, ol shud know dat v had been created wif a huge responsibility. Dun juz wasting tym looking at d -ve side of urself..bcoz every1 cud make a difference.

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